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Bro Sulhazan

Abraham was born in Ur Kaƛdim, Mesopotamia to the family of a Babylonian priest called “Terah”.
Terah was the father of Abraham along with two other sons, Haran and Nahor.
Terah was the ninth of the descendants that emanate from Noah, although he was a high priest in the court of Nimrod and had an idol shop where he sell idols.
The circumstances regarding Abraham’s birth, his opposition to idolatry and his growing influence after he survived the burning furnace put the life of both him and his father’s in danger.
Terah, along with Abraham, Sarah and Lot had to migrate to Canaan and settled in Haran.
It was in Haran that Abraham’s father, Terah, died at the age of 205. Abraham was about 75 years when his father died.