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The name of Abraham’s father was Terah, he was a high priest of the idol worshippers.

He had twelve chief gods, one for each month of the year, and other idols. He also had a workshop in where idols of wood, stone, silver and gold were made for People who came to offer sacrifices to these idols, or to buy them, the business was a booming one.
It was in this workshop he appointed Abraham to be in charge of sales, although, Abraham; being a believer in the true God conducted the business in a manner that discouraged the idolaters.

The stargazers of the king Nimrod had prophesied the new born Abraham to be trouble for the crown thus he sent words that the child should be brought and killed but Terah replaced the baby with the child of a slave woman and sent Abraham’s mother, baby Abraham and a nurse were sent into hiding for the first ten years of Abraham’s life by his father who was terrified by what Nimrod could do when he finds out that he’d been deceived by Terah.

After Abraham’s activities and the manner at which he opposed the idolaters made it obvious that the supposedly dead child was still alive. Abraham’s father was later charged for deceiving the king, he though but the blame on his eldest son Haran who was about 32 years older than Abraham.

Abraham was casted into the burning furnace but came out from the fire unharmed. His brother Haran declared himself as Abraham’s follower and was thrown into the furnace was burnt off.

The people had begun to see Abraham as a god and his followers count was on the rise, making him a threat that king Nimrod plan to eliminate. Abraham fled to Noah with whom he had been in his early days. Abraham was the 8th direct descendant of Noah.

Abraham’s father later came to join them in fear of his life and that of his son. He gave up idolatery and his high position at Nimrod’s court and followed his son to the land of Canaan.

Terah died in Charan at the age of 205.